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Unlock form processing update.

Hi all.. I wanted you to know that with the launch and rush of pre-orders, I’m backlogged with processing the unlock forms. More on that in a bit…

I need to say I know the onboarding process is more complex than it seems it needs to be. I apologize for all those who have gotten bogged down or lost in the process.

I am working now to automate the unlock form and taking steps to try to automate to account creation process after a sign up / purchase.

I expect to have everyone unlocked in the next 24 hrs. The rest of the automation is unknown but a high priority.

There are many who are not able to find their activation email from, and thus cannot login even though their account is waiting for them. I am working on a solution for this and may just do away with it if I can engineer a way to authenticate w/o the unreliability of email.

If your SkyGlass app login account is stuck waiting for activation, reach out via the Support form and I’ll activate you asap.

Thanks for your pat